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Thanks for passing by!

My name is Fernanda Peralta, and I'm an illustrator based in São Paulo, Brazil. In 2018, I graduated in Architecture & Urbanism in the University of São Paulo. Since 2017 I have worked as an illustrator, artist and designer, solving problems and translating concepts and ideas into a visual language.


In my work, the composition is perceived as almost real, but the elements and general sensation evoke a somewhat fantastic feeling, slightly unlikely or inexplicable. The ordinary is one of my main inspirations to create: I draw what I see in front of me, but also what I find in dreams and in the fantastical world of imagination.

Some of my work is at Galeria Trapézio, and some of my clients are Surreal São PauloZiovaraJust Naked NYCZippysparkles & Co. and Made by Women Zines.

Did you like something? Do you have any questions?

So you have ideas for a collab or want to hire me?

Write me at and let's keep in touch!

[photos by @fabioayrosa]

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