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As part of the Visual Elements of User Interface Design course, offered by California Institute of the Arts, I worked on several assignments that were essentially development stages towards a final project: a sketch for a smartphone app that focused on one simple task: an app that could find a specific food within a given area.

I should be able to answer the following questions about my product:

  • What is it?

  • Who is it for?

  • Where will it live?


While I was limited by the type of app I could develop, the app could be tailored to a specific audience, which I defined earlier in the process. The idea is that I would be creating a customized interface with a unique look and feel for a very specific audience. An example given by the course briefing was "an app for students who need Red Bull cupcakes for late-night study breaks". My choice was to develop an app that could find ice cream shops for people that were recovering from recent dental surgeries.

My app should be simple, so that the main functionality of the app and the user activity was contained within one or two screens.

It also didn't have to be realistic; the idea could be more speculative, regardless if it would work or not. What mattered first and foremost was the interface.

The following document is the final assignment submitted by me and contains the look and feel of the app, with the description and tagline for my idea, a moodboard with a color palette and some tests on type, a sample pattern library for the app and a sketch of the static interface for two screens.

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